Jessica Wiseman

Creative Director & Graphic Designer with a passion for inspiring innovative and impactful design solutions.

I adore creating, selling, cultivating, and promoting brands, but I’m allergic to self-promotion. Let’s keep it brief with seven quick insights about me and my work – concise, to the point. There’s no reason to break out in hives.

  • I’m a huge fangirl for all things digital: I met my late husband online during the dawn of the internet (shout out to dial up AOL). Everyone warned me he’d be an axe murderer, but he wasn’t. He was the love of my life.
  • I designed my first website on Geocities and yes, it had flashing “blinkies” and a terrible misuse of the font, “Curlz.”
  • I taught myself graphic design and HTML on ye olde copies of Paint Shop Pro and Homesite, later graduating to Photoshop and Nova. I still love learning and with Adobe quietly retiring XD, am learning the ins and outs of Figma.
  • I type 130wpm and I owe it all to a girl named Jessica Matsumori who sat next to me in our junior high typing class. That girl was so good at everything and I wanted to best her in just one subject. I raced her all year and she had no idea. Wherever you are, cheers, Jessica!
  • I have created hundreds of brands and websites over the years. One of my very favorites was a family reunion site that required a massive multi-user database where members could upload family photos, connect family trees, and message one another.
  • I can wiggle my ears but cannot, for the life of me, do a cartwheel.
  • Here’s my job in a nutshell: I ignite brand love, fuel agency success, and skyrocket client trust. And I love doing it!

My Mission

Develop beautiful brand experiences with a focus on creative problem solving, user-friendly solutions, and responsive design.

My Vision

To empower businesses to succeed by providing high-quality, high-converting brand + web solutions.

Why I love what I do:

To me, creating a brand identity design is like solving a puzzle – it’s a thrilling challenge that I enjoy immensely. I firmly believe that a brand’s visual elements should do more than just add aesthetic value – they should help drive success.

Strategic brand development and a well-designed website can attract and retain customers, improve user engagement, and contribute to the longevity and success of a business. I love turning all those nuts and bolts into creative and innovative solutions (while prioritizing fast, clean, & responsive code) for my clients.

How can I help you elevate your brand?